We live hyper-connected, constantly updated and totally synchronized. We potentially have immediate access to knowledge, information, technology and capital wherever they are.

This allows continuous creation of new networks, facilitates, circulation of ideas and stimulates creativity, thus enabling processes of distributed and seamless innovation.

Therefore it is the right time to realize, to become aware of the unsurpassed limits and the unmet needs, to kick of a new disruptive phase and turn into reality new (technological?) solutions, opening new research scenarios and building new sectors in order to spur economic and social growth.

This is not about choosing between alternative incremental solutions, but rather breaking radically with the past, moving the horizon and embracing ambitious challenges.

In order to accomplish the task a collective intelligence is needed, which disruptive power begins to show up through the Internet.

I REALIZE is searching for realizers, people who pushed the limit and want to share their results, ready to explore and to inspire future trends. We are looking for people inspired and inspiring, people keen to move a step forward.

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    Wednesday 18th November 2009


    C.so Castelfidardo 30/a, TORINO

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