Call for thesis

We call students in digital innovation and offer them an occasion not only to present their graduation works, but to work those out in order to bring the idea at a higher level. In line with TOP-IX Development Program and the Global Entrepreneurship Week, we seek for theses about Technology, New Media, Communication, etc. that aspire to be converted in running projects and, hopefully, in start-ups. The aim of the workshop is to elaborate a draft of the business plan. In this context, so, theoretical works are not well suited, even if always important.

Call for action

In order to stimulate student’s talent towards entrepreneurship, we call developers, creatives, entrepreneurs, academic, mentors and professionals to work on students’ projects. This hands-on session will teach them the basic principles for building actual projects. The work that will win the mention will also act as example and inspiration for potential future entrepreneurs.

Call for participation

At the end of the day the Global Entrepreneurship Week session, the Pitch session and the DrinLink time will be open to the public. You’re warmly welcome!

How to get in contact

For all enquiries, please drop an e-mail to info [at] irealize [dot] eu.


    Wednesday 18th November 2009


    I3P Castelfidardo 30/a, TORINO

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